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*All these courses are completely free to our agents. We are committed to having the most educated and equipped agents in the industry.



One of the most difficult problems for agents is the income roller coaster. These ups and downs can be avoided when agents set realistic goals and plan their daily, weekly, and monthly activities around achieving them. In C21 BUSINESS PLANNING, agents learn how to make the leap from salesperson to entrepreneur.



A productivity training that is boosting the effectiveness of agents nationwide. Participants focus on critical activities proven to build skills and deliver sustainable results. Using a combination of activities, teamwork, and prospecting, highly-engaged participants make contacts and can achieve ten appointments in four weeks.



To launch and sustain a business that lasts, the best agents always focus their business on working with sellers. Listings are the surest way to build a big business with the lowest costs and the highest net. In this program, you’ll focus on establishing a lucrative, long-term business through obtaining and selling listings



Balancing their time between focusing on listings and providing superb service to buyers can be a challenge for any agent. C21 WORKING WITH BUYERS helps agents service their buyers more efficiently, so they can scale up to a more profitable business. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, strong buyer agents can increase their listings when they have the models and systems they need to streamline and simplify the process of working with buyers


LEADGEN21: Sphere of Influence

Top agents have a lead-generation system and spend time on it every single day. Cultivating a Sphere of Influence is the most significant lead-generation source for every agent and is estimated to be more profitable than any other form of prospecting. In this course, you’ll dive into prospecting principles and develop a plan for consistent, value-driven contact with your Sphere.



Top producing agents know that Open Houses are a way to show prospects the value they offer while still preserving their relationship with the seller. In this course, you’ll uncover strategies to utilize Open Houses to strengthen relationships with sellers, create new relationships with home buyers, and build your book of business. You’ll leave with techniques that you can use to drive traffic.


LEADGEN21: Farming

Farming in real estate is a tried and true technique used by numerous successful agents to build their business. However, many agents restrict their Farm to geographic areas and direct mail campaigns. Time to think bigger! In this course, you’ll discover how to become a Next Generation Farmer who can provide expertise and value to their target audience and reap the rewards in commissions


LEADGEN21: Expired

Top producing agents know that you have to roll up your sleeves and put in the work to get Expired's business. In addition, our research shows that combining this foundational approach with advanced, next-level tactics increases your chances for success. In this course, you’ll discover strategies and techniques that you can use on Expired's to capitalize on the now and plan for the future.



A random search on Google for “real estate objection handlers” will turn up over 150,000 hits. And yet agents struggle in the face of objections from sellers and buyers, not because they can’t find the answers, but because they lack the skills and the structure to confidently face “rejection” and turn objections into opportunities to demonstrate their competence and professionalism. Objection Handling is designed to provide agents with the resources and practice they need to build responses to the most common.



Mentoring is a targeted method that promotes development and growth. In the right circumstances, one-on-one interaction with an experienced agent provides a focus that other forms of support can’t match. To empower graduates to develop their skills and build on the momentum from that course, brokers can establish mentoring programs in their offices with MENTOR21, which includes a “how to mentor” workshop for mentors and 16 weeks of mentor/mentee sessions

Agents also can take advantage of our weekly training sessions. We bring in industry leaders, cover relevant changes in the industry, and provide how-tos for common tech and tool issues agents are facing. 

Agents can also take designation courses (GRI, ABR, E-Pro, etc.) and we reimburse them the cost. Just some added value you get when you affiliate with CENTURY 21 Advantage Realty.