Frequently Asked Questions


Looking for some answers to your many questions about Century 21 Advantage Realty? Read through this FAQ page and see if your question is here. If not feel free to contact us here (Click Here)

Also, feel free to call Adam Gullett at (606)219-5122.

 01  What are the companies core values?

Defy Mediocrity + Deliver Extraordinary Experiences


We focus on empowering our agents. We believe that when it comes to our agents they are our clients. Taking agents and walking alongside them for support and coaching is a large part of what we do as a brokerage. The main concept of Century 21 Advantage Realty is taking an agent from just being an agent to running a successful real estate business with the tools and systems needed to scale their business.




 02  What defines the brokerage? What is it known for?

We are known as a brokerage that focuses on the agent first. Any decision we make as a company is done with the above statement in mind. We take an agent's first approach and believe that when they are succeeding we will as well. Also as a Century 21 Franchise it allows us to provide the tested proven results of that system to our agents so when implemented it can make their job easier and able to focus on what ultimately matters most customer service.

 03  Do agents support and share trade secrets with one another?

We have a very open support culture. We believe that together we can accomplish more than as an individual. You will find that our agents are very happy to assist other agents in growing their businesses.

 04  Is there support staff in place to help me when needed?

We have multiple support staff available to call upon at any time. The broker (Steve Robinson) is a non-selling broker and is 100% dedicated to helping grow your business. On top of having access to the broker whenever you need him, there are others that are ready and willing to help. One of Adam Gullett’s main roles in the company is as an Agent developer and is available to help agents succeed. Also, our on-staff trainer Jayne Polivchak is available to answer any tech or Century 21 tool or system question you may have. Also, each of our 5 offices has a secretary and office administrator that is available to answer questions.

 05  Will the support staff go to a client appointment with me?

Absolutely. We also offer a mentor program (mentor is compensated by the company, not the agent) that we can set you up with as well.

 06 What type of classes do you offer and how often?

We have a lot of different types of classes offered throughout the year. But we have 2 “Power Hour” sessions twice a month hosted by Adam Gullett and Jayne Polivchak. They will be going over everything from Century 21 tools, sales tactics, how to get listings, motivational classes, etc. You name it they will teach it. We also have once a month office meeting where we cover many different changes going on in the real estate industry that will help you stay current and ahead of the competition. We also have Webinars and Google hangouts (goal setting, and brainstorming sessions) online every month.

 07 Are the classes all in person or do you offer online courses?

We offer both in-person classes and online classes.

 08 Is training free? If not, how much does it cost?

Here at Century 21 Advantage Realty, we feel like it is our responsibility as a brokerage to provide you with all the training and tools to run a successful real estate business. Because of that, we will never charge for training!

 09 Do you have a self-study training website for the agents?

Totally! Century 21 offers online training courses (Completely free) 24-7. They are always adding more classes as well. So you can rest assured there is always something new to learn. One class we highly recommend every agent takes is the Century 21 XCellerate class. It’s a six-week program that will teach you everything from prospecting to closing.

 10 Are the agents in the office open to me shadowing them?


 11 Do you have a mentor program? If so, how does it work?

We do. The mentor program is where we align you with an experienced agent that will mentor you for 1 full year. We have a specific list of items that your mentor will help you with during that year, everything from you shadowing them to showings, closings, and listing appointments, as well as they will go with you on appointments to help you get comfortable with meeting with potential buyers and sellers. They will also help you with paperwork, and preparing for your first closing. The mentor is compensated for their time by the company so not only are they there to help you, it won’t cost you anything for this service.

 12 Do you allow part-time agents to be a part of the company?

We have such a strong team environment that even part-time agents can be successful by teaming up with another agent that can help them out while at work. So the answer is yes! ;-)

 13 Do you allow teams to work at your brokerage?

We have many teams already in the company. We would love to have more.

 14 Whom can I contact if I have questions about a contract?

Steve Robinson (Broker) is always available for any real estate related questions. There are also multiple others in the company that you can call on as well. You will never feel alone or lost.

 15 What areas do you cover, how many offices do you have?

We currently have 5 offices in 5 cities in Kentucky. We service all the areas surrounding these offices. The current cities we have offices in are London, Somerset, Richmond, Danville, and Morehead.

 16 How many real estate agents are in the company?

We currently have between 115-120 agents in the company

 17 How often do you have office meetings?

In each of the offices we have 1 office meeting a month (Not mandatory)

 18 Are there any meetings that are mandatory?

As independent contractors, we cannot make a meeting mandatory but we do have a meeting every 3 months that we strongly encourage agents to attend. At this meeting, we typically discuss issues regarding law changes or issues that have come up over the past 3 months that are relevant for the agent to know about. By attending these meetings you will stay current on legal issues involving the real estate industry.

 19 What should I expect at the company meetings?

Most of the time we have a guest speaker that provides lunch and speaks for around 10 minutes. We will then spend some time going over market statistics and sales volumes, share on new things that are coming from Century 21 and just have a good being together as a team.

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 21 Is a desk or phone duty required for each agent?

Opportunity time in the office is completely optional for every agent. It’s your business you decide how you want to produce leads. We are here to support whatever you decide.

 22 What are your expectations of me?

We don’t put pressure on you to sell. That is determined by you the owner of your real estate business. But we will help you to succeed in any way we can and that will most of the time come in the form of encouragement to stay active, set goals, and prospect. We want to come alongside you and provide the accountability you want or need to be successful.

 23 Would it be possible to get a tour of the brokerage and meet some agents and staff?

We would love to show you around and introduce you to some of our staff and agents. (Click here to contact us) or feel free to call Adam Gullett at (606)219-5122

 24 Can I have the phone numbers of 3 to 5 agents who work in the office?

Our agents are always willing to talk to new or experienced agents looking to join the brokerage. Feel free to (Click here to contact us) or call Adam Gullett at (606)219-5122 to get a list of agents. Or visit our company website (Click Here) to see a list of all our agents. Feel free to call any of them you like.

 25 Can I sit in on an upcoming training session or team meeting?

Our training sessions are always open to agents curious about joining the brokerage. Feel free to (Click here to contact us) for information on the dates and times of a training session or call Adam Gullett at (606)219-5122.

 26 Is there a desk fee? If so, how much?

Never. We have an open office with multiple desks to work from. Each desk is fully equipped with a computer and an office phone. We have no interest in making more money out of our agent's pockets.

 27 Are there any other ongoing fees? If so, what and how much?

The only fee paid out of the Gross Commissioned is the Century 21 franchise fee (Currently 8% of gross commission received).

Unlike a lot of brokerages, CENTURY 21 Advantage Realty has:

NO Office Fee

NO Technology Fee

NO Extra sign up fee as a new agent or transferring agent

NO Startup Fee

NO annual franchise Fee

NO Fee for using the copier and making copies

NO Closing Fee

NO Fee for in Person Training classes

NO Fee for Century 21 online classes


***Not only do we not charge for training but we also offer all agents a $500 education scholarship for any special designation classes they would like to take (GRI, ABR, CRS, etc).***

 28 What marketing materials are available?

Century 21 offers already made marketing materials for any type of marketing you would like to do. Everything from postcards, flyers, business cards, door hangers, social media ads, website banner ads, etc. In just a matter of a few clicks, you will have professional marketing materials ready to go.

 29 Do you do any team-building events together as a company?

As a company, we schedule multiple events throughout the year. Some things we have done in the past are: Day trip to Keeneland, Bourbon tour to distilleries, Retired racehorse and equestrian tours, Lexington Legends Baseball game just to name a few.

 30 Does the company promote sharing goals with each other?

A few times a year we will all get together and set goals and cast a vision. We strongly encourage a team dynamic during this meeting. We believe that if agents are involved in knowing about other agent's goals it will foster a better team and help hold the agents more accountable for reaching their individual goals.

 31 Does your company support any charitable organizations?

We support all kinds of different charities. For every closing you have the company will donate a portion (company dollar) to a charity or religious institution of your choice.

 32 Does your company offer lead opportunities?

Absolutely. We have a system in place called ZAP. It is not only one of the best CRM (customer relationship management software) offered by any franchise or independent brokerage. But it’s also our lead management software as well. Through this software, you can accept corporate and company leads. We don’t charge anything extra for these leads just your typical commission split. (Completely free)

 33 Are your agents able to represent themselves on personal transactions?

Who knows the property better than the owner? Agents are totally allowed to represent themselves in a real estate transaction as long as they follow the Kentucky Real Estate Laws when they do so.

 34 Is there a minimum sales productivity goal? If so, what is it?

Nope. It’s your business. We are here to help you make a lot of money! it’s your choice if you don’t want to. ;-)

 35 At what times do I have access to the office?

All agents receive either a door code or a key and have 24/7 access to the office

 36 Does this brokerage deal in commercial real estate?


 37 Will I be able to do open houses for other agents?

Most agents with the company would love for an agent to host an open house for them.

 38 What is the dress code?

Business casual

 39 Does the broker/owner work directly with clients?


Steve Robinson is a non-competing broker (very rare in the industry). He does not take buyers or sellers away from his agents.

 40 Are there sales awards?

Century 21 offers many different kinds of awards. They are pretty sweet looking!

 41 Do I have the opportunity to earn a higher commission split? If so, is it permanent or does it reset at the beginning of the next year?

We have a pay scale that increases your commission split over time in a calendar year based on your Gross Commissioned earned. The split you reach at the end of the year does not reset. You start the next year at the same split you ended at. Our hope is that you can keep increasing your sales volume so you can reach the top.

 42 Do I earn a fee or commission for referring another agent to work at the brokerage?

We love agents to refer other agents to the brokerage. We do reward agents that do just that. For more details (Click here to contact us) or call Adam Gullett at (606)219-5122.