3 Real estate broker RED FLAGS!

It's a sad reality that many of us in the industry have encountered a less than reputable real estate professional who is only out to get their commission.

Maybe they're pushy, or make promises they can't keep, or are downright dishonest. We all want to believe the best about people and most brokers are great at what they do, but it's important not to be naïve about who you choose to affiliate your real estate license with.

With this blog post I hope to help bring light to some red flags and signs that might indicate a broker doesn't have your best interests in mind to my fellow agents or potential new agents who are about to affiliate with a broker.

  1. They're not organized. The person who owns the company you'll potentially work for is responsible for overseeing your actions as a new real estate agent. Some (and most) real estate brokers will continue real estate agent services like listing and marketing homes for sellers, as well as helping buyers purchase homes. Additional duties of real estate brokers who own a brokerage are to verify licensing for all agents within the brokerage, provide resources and training for agents. They're also responsible for agent behavior, legal compliance, and performance. The duties of a real estate broker are plentiful, and affiliating with one who doesn't have his own ducks in a row might get you in trouble later on.

  2. Micromanaging. While the broker you affiliate with is responsible for your actions as an agent, especially a new agent, standing over your shoulder with their breathe down your neck is not a good trait in general. You want to feel supported as an agent, not like someone thinks you are going to mess up every step of the way. There's a huge difference between being available to make sure you do something right vs treating you like you're constantly going to do wrong.

  3. Narcissistic character traits. A "leader" who is passive aggressive, steals-credit, and is overly critical is not good for anyone's mental health. Research by University of Manchester (of more than 1200 people), shows that employees within workplaces with a boss who shows those characteristics is most likely to be exposed to bullying, job dissatisfaction, psychological distress, and depression. Most real estate agents are self-employed and work under a broker. I would hate for anyone to invest their time and money into getting their real estate license, and then hating their career simply because of the person they are working under.

  4. Never acknowledges your successes. Every brokerage is different. In my experience as an agent, most agents affiliate with a broker as an independent contractor. A broker may offer training, resources, marketing, and some leads, but ultimately it is up to you to market yourself, build your brand, and obtain clients. If you are not getting the praise, acknowledgement, and feedback that you need as an agent for all the hard work you've done to thrive in this business, you will find yourself burnt out quickly. A broker who acknowledges your hard work and success, knows that your success is key to their success.

What are your thoughts? Comment below and tell us your story about your experience with a broker, or anything you would add!

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