Conversation with Mike Ferry Real Estate Coach, Speaker

In this video, Mike Ferry provides some great information for new real estate agents as well as experienced real estate agents.

Here Mike Ferry answer questions like:

As a new agent entering the industry what things would you say they need to be doing to set themselves up for success?

What would you say are some of the best habits real estate agents should focus on daily, weekly, and monthly that help them grow their business in a consistent way?

What are the factors that are keeping the housing inventory so low?

How does a real estate agent strengthen their listing presentation so they can be more competitive in the market?

We also discuss Mike Ferry’s Ideas to become a stronger listing agent, and his online course ADAPT.

Check out his website to learn more:

HERE’S more about Mike Ferry:

Mike Ferry is the founder of The Mike Ferry Organization and has been involved in sales and management for more than 46 years, earning an unmatched reputation for success built on a foundation of hard work, dedication to his personal goals, and an unwavering commitment to his clients and their success.

The Mike Ferry Organization is a multimillion-dollar company with tens of thousands of clients. His phenomenal natural ability to teach and mentor his original techniques has helped countless agents achieve and exceed their personal and business goals. The way he inspires all his clients – whether in their first or fiftieth year of Real Estate – to produce at high levels and apply the rules of business to their careers is legendary.

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