Real Estate Agent Tips 2021 by Mary Pallin Real Estate Coach Floyd Wickman

Real estate agent tips 2021 with Mary Pallin Real Estate coach.

We cover:

Technology that helps agents the most

Items real estate agents should be focused on doing in 2021

How important it is to learn and adapt

The importance of staying in contact with your sphere of influence regularly

5 Real Estate Agent Tips 2021

More about Mary:

Mary Pallin got her start in Minnesota real estate. But she wasn’t a “natural” –for 8 months - worked long hours, prospected like crazy, and earned NOTHING.

Then everything changed. She became a multi-million dollar producer, reaching the top 3% of her company, which had over 800 agents. Mary credits this amazing turnabout to Floyd Wickman, whose training program helped her production grow over 300% each year.

Years later, Mary joined the Floyd Wickman Team as a trainer and coach – and has earned the “Trainer of the Year” award – better known as “The Wickie” more times than any other trainer.

But her biggest accomplishment is the number of lives she’s changed by teaching Floyd’s techniques.

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