Success is on The Other Side of Fear

I believe it's because we have false fears built up in us that hold us back from getting face to face with our sphere of influence and those we truly have a relationship with. To reach out and talk with someone requires you to be vulnerable sometimes and be human. Building relationships requires people to get to know the real you. It requires a bit more intentional effort than just making a social media post and making sure it is just perfect before hitting the share button. Here's some data that I encourage you all to grasp. Research by The National Association of Realtors says 89% of agents business comes from past clients and referrals and only 11% comes from all the other means of marketing. But most agents will spend 89% of their time and money working on the marketing that only generates 11% of there business. I feel like it's time to stop working harder and not smarter. I also think it is time to stop believing what you are hearing from every other company out there that is saying "We provide you with leads" or worse trying to sell you leads. That's exactly what they are doing, "selling" you're leads back to you. Leads are not a bad thing in the general term but when your focus, time and, money is going more towards that type of marketing then you need to make a change. It's time to go back to the simple strategy of our industry. Relationships and personal connections. Would you even need to buy leads if you stayed in contact with those you have influence over already? My challenge to you this year is to build a database of past clients, close friends, and relatives and begin connecting with them on a regular basis. I truly believe this slight adjustment in your thinking and marketing will lead to growth in your business. hat's why I say "Success is on the other side of your fears." Do what makes you scared every day. Be bold, be relentless, and keep learning.

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