Tenacity Matters

Have you ever had an experience where you just felt like you were not enough? And then instead of continuing on you gave up? Have you then looked back and wondered what could have been?

I am currently reading a book by Timothy Ferris called Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Stories From The Best In The World.

In this book, he basically asked certain key people a series of very interesting questions that provide some insightful answers from these individuals.

In one of the chapters, he interviews Bear Grylls (If you don't know who this guy is Google him).

He asks Bear "How has a failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success? Do you have a "favorite failure" of yours?". Bear answers this question with a great response but one key thing Bear said that stood out to me was this: "I failed selection for the British SAS on my first attempt, and it ripped my heart out at the time. I had never given so much for anything and to fall short was soul-destroying. But I went back and tried a second time and eventually passed. Four out of 120 will generally make it, and they often say the best soldiers pass the second time. I like that. It tells me that tenacity matters more than talent, and in life, that is certainly true.

I think that is just beautiful. If I think back and compare my successes to my failures it becomes very obvious that I learned more and appreciated the outcome from my failures then I did when something was simple and I just succeeded at it.

As humans, we like a challenge. We strive for the difficult things in life. When things get hard the ones that succeed have the tenacity to try again, and again and again.

If you truly want to succeed then quit being afraid of failing and get out there and fail. But when you do, have the tenacity to keep trying. Then one day you can look back at those failures and see the benefit of pushing through.

Be Bold. Be Relentless. Keep Learning.

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