The Nation’s #1 Agent, Kyle Seyboth, Joins the Relentless

It’s safe to say that only the best agents in the game affiliate with the CENTURY 21 brand. It should be no surprise that we just welcomed the *nation’s number one real estate agent, according to The 2020 RealTrends, to join the ranks of the relentless. With a track record of over 500 units and $140 million in sales last year alone, Kyle Seyboth has been crushing his goals since entering real estate nine years ago. His affinity for coaching sports and a solid background in finance, is a force to be reckoned with when combined with his relentless nature, passion for real estate, and entrepreneurial mindset.

Kyle decided it was time to elevate his business model to the next level and came alongside the CENTURY 21 brand to do just that. His unique approach to his real estate business and the plans to structure and scale it for optimum growth in the near future left more to be desired, from a support and technology standpoint, from his previous broker.

“The CENTURY 21 brand delivers the best technology, learning, and marketing programs to my affiliated agents so they in turn can go above and beyond in helping their clients achieve the best outcomes possible.”

Kyle brings with him, his 12-member team and they plan to set up shop in the New England marketplace as CENTURY 21 The Seyboth Team brokerage. Kyle has been strategic in

building his team and believes the CENTURY 21 brand will allow him to implement his business model and work to support him, and his organization, to make it successful. Much like on the field, or on the court, Kyle’s team consists of players that excel at what they do. He believes in empowering them to be their best, and delegating tasks to them they love to do, which allows him to position himself as the CEO. Kyle is not like most other CEO’s; however, he believes in keeping his ‘boots on the ground’ to remain relevant. His value proposition is to provide leads, coaching, and service to his agents to create more business. This leverage will help Kyle continue to elevate his business model by increasing productivity on the sales side and providing leads and the support they need on the broker side.

Kyle is a huge believer in giving back to the community. He’s sponsored more than 100 teams in the last 10 years, he gives out two scholarships each year, and he’s a big believer in providing for the youth.

“Givers gain and what goes around comes around. You get what you give. When you give, you get back gratitude and a different sense of importance.”

With his strong knack for understanding people, what they are good at, and bringing the best out of them, Kyle is focused on replicating his ability to defy mediocrity and his proven sales strategy within the organization.

We are excited to have Kyle and his team as a part of the relentless network.

*According to The 2020 RealTrends and Tom Ferry The Thousand ranking July 6, 2020.

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